Barrie is a fine art photographer and print maker living in rural Herefordshire. Here he finds the space, peace and solitude to explore the shape and form of the landscape, and particularly the ancient trees which dot Hereford's sublime hidden land.

His monotone tree images are printed as Platinum/Palladium limited edition prints on fine archival cotton paper. The Platinum Palladium printing process was first patented by William Wallis in 1873, and is widely regarded as the finest photographic printing process available. A properly processed Platinum Palladium print can last as long as the paper it's printed on. Some fine Japanese papers have been proven to last a thousand years, and that is why some of his prints are also produced on the wonderful Japanese Tosa Washi Gampi and Kozo papers.

Platinum printing is a time consuming exacting process and some Platinum printers, who have been working with the process for over 30 years, say they are still striving for the perfect print. Barrie knows how they feel because he is often disappointed with the result of an initial print, but after about the tenth attempt and by tweaking the settings and chemicals he often gets a print he is happy with. His main aim is to get a finished print that represents the feeling he experienced when he created the image in the first place.


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