Barrie Watts Photographer


The monochrome archival prints are only available as Platinum Prints.

Platinum printing is the finest method of archival printing available today. Some estimates give the archival life expectancy of a Platinum Print that has been correctly processed at over a thousand years. I use the finest cotton acid free paper and each print is hand made. Firstly the paper is coated with a Platinum emulsion and dried, then an enlarged negative is sandwiched with the paper and exposed in an UV vacuum press. The exposed paper is developed in a bath of sodium citrate to intensify the image. After clearing and fixing the paper it is air dried. Quite often to increase the dmax of the image, the paper is coated and re-exposed up to three times until the desired quality is reached.

A finished Platinum Print is a thing of rare beauty. Unlike a normal Silver Gelatin Print the image of a Platinum Print sits on the surface of the paper and is pure Platinum Metal, this is why it has such an extreme archival life.

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